Liner premium-class body construction

The Carthago main body structure consistently orients itself to that which Carthago drivers want: carefree travelling in the long term, and value retention. We therefore rely on long term quality. GRP and aluminium
are there where the materials are used correctly.

Your added value:
+ Protection against lightning strikes, hail, stone chippings and moisture
+ Comprehensive 10-year warranty against leaks
+ Easy to repair in the event of damage

Storage space concept

Your added value:
+  Double floor basement with massive, heated storage space, usable height up to 55.5 cm
+ Exterior access via several large flaps
+ Convenient interior access via the L-shaped lounge seating group seat bench cover, the swing-out-side seat  bench and the large living area floor hatch
+ Large, central through-loading space (interior height 22 cm), with extra-low basement storage compartment (usable height 46 cm), convenient loading via a large living are a floor hatch
+ Entire double floor heated with climate storage function

Heating and air conditioning technology

We can’t think of any reason why you should have to forego a good climate when you are travelling, something which is dear to yourself at home. A Carthago provides year round comfort. Technical ingenuity such
as heat-reflecting walls, on-board technology with targeted heating, heat circulation through the entire climate storage double floor.

Your added value:
+ Winter-proof motorhome with year-round comfort
+ Underfloor heating effect – your feet are always warm
+ No warm air draughts due to thermal storage technology
+ Even heat distribution and radiation due to the aluminium inner wall
+ Heat storage effect and efficient insulation reduce gas consumption
+ Targeted heating of all technology components safeguards functionality

Driver's cabin visibility concept

Vision is safety: You have the road in view sooner in an integrated motorhome from Carthago. The windscreen is drawn down low towards the bottom, view of road surface already after 2.77 m. When it rains, the windscreen wipers support the optimum field of view. The large Carthago “best view” bus mirrors provide an outstanding view to the rear.

Your added value:
+ Maximum view upwards increased field of view due to the high windscreen (view of traffic lights)
+ View optimisation of the road surface towards the front during the trip after just 2.77 m thanks to the perfect, ergonomic cockpit design, dashboard that
slopes steeply towards the front and low front windscreen
+ Optimised windscreen wiper area bigger field of view in rainy conditions
+ Carthago “best view” rear-view mirror system for maximum field of view towards the rear
+ Comprehensive safety package as standard

Carthago Personality - Exterior design leadership

Distinctive, unmistakeable, unique: A Carthago is THE face in the crowd. It is just as individual as its owner. The evolutionary Carthago design sets standards that go beyond the motorhome industry. Shape and function
combined into a perfect symbiosis.

Your added value:
+ Distinctive and unmistakable exterior design
+ Elegance and dynamics due to the 3-dimensional shapes and curves
+ Individual appearance thanks to unique design concept
+ Flat bodywork surfaces due to invisibly recessed hinges and flush-mounted integrated tank flap

Carthago Personality - Interior design leadership

Carthago has been named as the clear favourite in the exterior and interior design categories time and time again in the voting for the motorhome of the year. To us, this means pleasure and commitment at the same time. All Carthago developments, the choice of materials that are used and the processing thereof take place with considerable care.

Your added value:
+ Furniture made in our own Carthago joinery shop
+ Stable “Durafix” double connection technology bolted and mortised
+ No creaking or rattling while driving noise reduction by means of anti-knocking cushioning
+ Holders, hinges and drawers with solid household quality
+ Seating comfort on long journeys thanks to the ergonomically shaped quality upholstery
+ Indirect lighting with LED lighting technology provides pleasant lighting in the evenings

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